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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is more about being accompanied or companioned, rather than “directed”. It is a relationship between two persons, one of whom listens and reflects back what has been heard of the movements of God in the events and circumstances of the life of the other. In this sacred space, both become attuned to the real director, the Holy Spirit. Engaging in the practice of spiritual direction is a commitment to grow in awareness and trust in God’s presence in your life, growth in self-knowledge particularly in relationship with God and others in your life, and greater clarity in discerning your life’s choices in light of your faith journey. Spiritual direction is traditionally a one-on-one practice, but may also be desired for small groups.

If you have the desire to deepen your relationship with God you might want to consider having a spiritual director. We live in the midst of a busy world, and may find it difficult to notice God’s involvement in our lives. Yet, at our deepest level, we long to be aware of the experience of God’s presence and love.

Spiritual direction sessions generally take place monthly, although the first few visits may occur more frequently to allow the director and directee to get to know one another. It is important to be comfortable with your spiritual director. Confidentiality is  honored; your story is sacred.