Discover this quiet place for prayer, in Ocean Beach, a residential neighborhood in San Diego. Seekers of all faiths are welcome to spend time at this small retreat house, reflecting on their spiritual journey. There are wonderful places to walk. The cliffs overlooking the Pacific present a vast view, while the pier and sandy beach provide a closer contact with the sea.

The Spiritual Ministry Center is a mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Our charism is to discover and make known the love of the Heart of Jesus today and to participate in the rebuilding of a more just and peaceful world. We welcome people of diverse faiths and cultures who seek to deepen their relationship with God and others. Our programs facilitate personal integration in light of Gospel values.

The Society of the Sacred Heart Staff of the Spiritual Ministry Center partner in ministry with the University of San Diego, the San Diego Associates of the Sacred Heart, The weeklong Busy Persons retreat program for faculty and staff of the Society’s Network of Schools in the USA and Canada (Sofie.org), Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, the Episcopal Community Center of Ocean Beach as well as leading days of reflections for various parishes, churches and ministry staffs.

— The Spiritual Ministry Center was featured in America Magazine: “Can we make retreats better? How modern Catholics are reinventing an ancient tradition.”