For the safety of everyone at the SMC, we ask that all guests be fully vaccinated.

Programs and Workshops

We are available to various groups and parishes for a retreat day or weekend, various workshops, groups and classes. Small groups are welcome to come to our Center, or a member of our staff may present or facilitate a workshop or day of prayer at another site.  

Call  for reservations for retreats or requests for meeting with a spiritual director at 619-224-9444

Interviews for the Spiritual Exercises in daily life are ongoing.  See below.

Inviting the God of Surprises

Mary O’Connor, RSM presents an approach to prayer through writing.

In these COVID times we are living through, times of loss, anxiety and loneliness, one thing we can be sure of is that God has always been there.  God is constantly breaking through the encrustations of our old, taken-for-granted stories and inviting us to discover new stories that are real about our individual experiences.  Many writers have found their path to deeper insight in writing itself. 

Listening deeply to the movements of our heart, we respond in writing, and encounter the Creator God who is the core of our lives. 

Join us on Saturday, September 17 from 10:00 AM-12:30 PM

Suggested offering:  $25.00

Enneagram Offerings


SMC Fall 2022 Enneagram Workshops presented by Mary Linam

Oct 1 - Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop
9 AM-3 PM w/ 30 min lunch break (bring your own lunch)
This workshop will give a broad overview of the Enneagram. We will cover the structure of the system and the specifics of each type. There is no need to have any previous experience with the Enneagram or to know your Enneagram type.
Suggested offering:  $80.00
Oct 8 - Applying the Enneagram for Personal Growth 
9-11 AM
This class will take a look at how you can apply the understanding of your Enneagram type to make meaningful steps in your personal growth. You will be introduced to specific practices supporting your healthy movement towards staying grounded and present.
(This class is intended for those with a working knowledge of the Enneagram and prior knowledge of your Enneagram type.)
Suggested offering:  $25.00
Nov 5 - Working with Your Instincts
9-11 AM
There are three instincts in the Enneagram. We will learn more about these and how understanding their influence can increase your growth.
(This class is intended for those with a working knowledge of the Enneagram and prior knowledge of your Enneagram type.)
Suggested offering:  $25.00
Dec 3 - Holy Ideas and Spiritual Freedom
9-11 AM
In this class, we will look at the holy idea of each enneagram type. The healthy movement towards these will help you lead to greater spiritual freedom.
(This class is intended for those with a working knowledge of the Enneagram and prior knowledge of your Enneagram type.)
Suggested offering:  $25.00

The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola

Ignatius learned from his own experience that God not only wants a personal relationship with each person, but also acts in this world to bring about such a personal relationship. The Spiritual Exercises are ways of helping us to become more aware of the reality of our existence as the recipients of God’s communication.

As persons of faith, we become more alert for God. The Exercises sharpen our ability to discern and feel the finger of God. All of this builds upon our desire to become more and more aware of God in relationship with us.

The Spiritual Ministry Center offers the Spiritual Exercises in the following ways:

  • The Exercises in Daily Life is an 8 month program set up with mutual agreement between the Director and Directee.  An optimal time is from Labor Day to the beginning of May.  This follows the liturgical year.  The cost is $800 or $25 a session for the Retreat in Daily Life
  • The 30-Day Retreat is scheduled according to the mutual calendaring needs of the retreat house and the director.  The cost is $3000 or $100 a night for 30 Days. This includes room, food and direction. The application process requires a personal interview as well as references. These retreats are rigorous and demand perseverance as well as some previous spiritual direction experiences.

Please contact the Spiritual Ministry Center if you are interested in more information about making the Spiritual Exercises.