Poetry and Prayer

This series, from poet and writing retreat leader Mary O'Connor RSM, will be presented from 10:30-12:30 on four successive Thursday mornings: Jan 24 and 31, Feb 7 and 14.  

Cost: $80.
Our culture supports busyness, and we sometimes even depend on our busyness for our own self-esteem.  It’s one reason why we don’t slow down and reflect.  Reading poetry, which is next to impossible to skim, helps us slow down, look more directly at life, go deeper.  In this series, we will take a meditative look at how poets through the centuries, from the Psalmist to Gerard Manley Hopkins to Maya Angelou, have expressed the awe, the pain, the joy at their spiritual core.  
We have all had the experience of a great poem or song shedding light on our individual lives and struggles.  It is hoped that in this series you will also discover that writing has a spiritual efficacy all its own.  Each session will provide a period of time to write, with lively and creative writing prompts.  Let us allow our writing to lead us to a new place.
Themes for each session: 

  1. Light and Darkness:  Poetry of the Psalms
  2. Out in the Universe:  Poems from the Ancient Celts—and their Modern Descendants
  3. The Awful Rowing Towards God:  Poetry in Times of Personal Distress
  4. You Must Let Your Heart Be Broken Open: Poems of Love and Ecstasy

“Poetry is a verbal means to a non-verbal source…to the still point of contemplation and deep realization." 
A.R. Ammons