The Poetry of Witness

Many courageous poets have taken on the role of witness, confronting injustice and inhumanity within themselves and their society. This series explores their work.  We’ll read a variety of modern and contemporary poems, from powerful narratives to simple, heartfelt lyrics, poems that dare to speak in the face of assaults on human rights and dignity, abuse of the earth. We will also begin a conversation about how you might witness to issues that concern you.  The last half-hour of each session will be devoted to writing, for those who wish.


  1. Voices in Wartime
  2. Closer to Home:  minorities, victims of ethnic wars, immigrants, the homeless
  3. Especially Women
  4. What on Earth are we doing to our planet?
  5. To Wake Up and Listen to our World
  6. Humanity, mercy, forgiveness, truth: witnessing to Hope.


  • Thursday afternoons from 12:30- 2:30
  • September 14 to October 16

Mary O'Connor is a Sister of Mercy and a former professor of English who gives poetry workshops and retreats, works with homeless people in PB,  sings in St. Brigid’s choir, and writes/edits for her religious community.

To sign up call 619-224-9444