The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola

Ignatius learned from his own experience that God not only wants a personal relationship with each person, but also acts in this world to bring about such a personal relationship. The Spiritual Exercises are ways of helping us to become more aware of the reality of our existence as the recipients of God’s communication.

As persons of faith, we become more alert for God. The Exercises sharpen our ability to discern and feel the finger of God. All of this builds upon our desire to become more and more aware of God in relationship with us.
The Three Ways to do The Exercises:

1. The Exercises in Daily life is an 8 month program set up with mutual agreement between the Director and Directee.  An optimal time is from Labor day to the beginning of May.  This follows the liturgical year.

    The cost is $800 or $25 a session for the Retreat in Daily Life.  Please call Sr. Bunny Flick RSCJ: 518-429-3792

2. The 30 Day Retreat is scheduled according to the mutual calendaring needs of the retreat house and the director.

    The cost is $2700 or $90 a night for 30 Days. This includes room, food and direction.
    All applications need a personal interview as well as some papers to fill out. These retreats are rigorous and demand perseverance as well as some initial spiritual direction experiences.
    The director can be someone from the Retreat House staff or otherwise. The only requirement is that the Director must have done The Exercises themselves.

3.  For those who wish a solid introduction, the SMC will offer a new shortened form of  the Spiritual Exercises by the Australian Jesuit, Michael Hansen, S.J.
There will be two guided retreats, each a month long during the Lenten season:

  • "Inner Peace in Darkness and Light" -focus on discernment
    February 5-26
  • "Peace in Friendship with Jesus" - focus on relationship
    March 5-26

You can join both retreats or just one.  The expectation for participation is a group meeting on Mondays at 4-5:30pm and personal direction once a week to be arranged individually. Each retreatant is asked to pray on Mondays through Thursdays.  Cost: $200 a retreat plus purchase of a paper back book.  This text is for both weeks.

To sign up please call the Spiritual Ministry Center at 619-224-9444.